Sunday, October 4, 2015

Simple Blind Whiskey Tasting

As an individual, who hasn't ventured many times into the wonderful lands of this drink called Whiskey, I have to say in full disclosure this is a topic in which I am not an expert. So, for those of you who are experts, I must say this will more than likely not be a great 'how to' on throwing a great whiskey tasting. This is however is more of a combination of a blind Whiskey 101 or a good reason to try a couple bottles of Whiskey with good friends and good food. 

As this event unraveled, I found myself somewhat entranced by the depth of understanding it would take to become an expert in this world. The countries and history behind it all. 

More importantly, the real reason for a wine-o girl to throw such a party...
 my whiskey loving, cousin's 30th birthday!! 

A simple blind whiskey tasting, how to:

Keep it Diverse
Have guests bring a bottle of whiskey. Since whiskey can be pricey, have guests team up to bring a bottle. We had a total of six bottles. 

Now I know that the right way to do whiskey tasting involves a classics tulip glass but for our 101 , larger group of people, blind whiskey tasting, we used shot glass sized servings filled about half way for each tasting. Which were placed on a whiskey tasting card to keep the numbers in order for the scoring card. 

Share a little bit of Whiskey Info 
I complied a small cheat sheet of Whiskey found on the internet. Now I know this only skims the surface of all that goes into whiskey as well as all the regions throughout the world where whiskey is produced but it's a helpful start on knowing the difference between some of the most common whiskey's most American's are familiar with. 

Keep it Mysterious
Of course either way you chose to do your tasting, a blind tasting just adds a little more fun to the experience. Being the host, I designated myself to be the pourer. Making sure to write down the names and number. I started with serving the first whiskey, and then after 10 or so minutes serving the next whiskey and so on and so on. At the end, I announced each Whiskey, their type and age. 

Do your food Research 
There's an immense amount of information on good food pairings for whiskey. We went the ribs, chocolate, and cheese route. I also found information on serving a palate cleanser, like oyster crackers or saltine crackers with no salt. 

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