Monday, April 6, 2015

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem 
Easy Burlap Pillow Case- DIY

Use the pillow as your measuring tool. 

For this pillow, 12x16, I cut the burlap to be about an inch and a half wider than the pillow on both sides. See long fabric example below. 

Then I took the long piece of fabric and wrapped it around the pillow to see how much fabric I would need. Keeping in mind that I would need about an inch to sew clean seams (Fold arrow in the image below) where the pillow opens in the back.  You want both sides to the opening in the back to meet right in the middle.
Cut your fabric, placing your pins like you see below. This will create the nice edge for the back pocket opening. You can choose to either sew these two ends first or wait till you pin the sides. I chose to sew these edges first

Again, use the pillow as your measuring tool and take the long piece of fabric and wrap it around the pillow. As you see from the image below, place your pins along the sides of the pillow. Once it feels like a good fit, remove the pillow, while removing and replacing the pins one at a time, in the same position (I use my thumb and index finger to hold each pins location while I remove and replace). Remember to keep everything inside out/sewing lines and excess fabric visible.

With a sewing machine, sew the sides, where you have placed your pins. You can do all of this by hand, if you do not have a sewing machine.
Once you have finished, turn your fabric inside out and Viola!!
You have yourself a burlap pillow case. 

You can leave it simple or get creative!

I made a DIY stencil, and used Satin white paint (purchased at Michaels) that works on fabric.

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