Friday, January 2, 2015

House Warming Wine Tasting Party

Now for many wine connoisseurs or sommeliers, a blind wine tasting may be about determining the different regions and varieties of grapes. A hobby/career (in some cases) I do find extremely fascinating, but still an area of study which I have yet to find myself in, and mostly due to the fact that I just really like to drink wine. Not to say that someday, I won't add it to the New Year's Resolution list.

At any time of year a blind wine tasting party can be fun for the experts out there and also just for a good fun activity for a small get together. As simply, just an enjoyer of wine (for now), and a great excuse to try and enjoy different wines with friends, we hosted a small house warming/wine tasting party.

For this wine tasting, we asked each guest to bring a bottle of their favorite wine along with an appetizer pairing. Of course as the host, that also includes you, you have to pay to play. :) Now in the past, I have hosted wine parties where I asked certain people to bring certain wines. This can work well if you don't want there to be too many reds or too many whites.  This time we left it a little more open to leave everyone in the unknown.

As the guests arrive:

  • Uncork their wine as well as removing the foil all the way off of the wine bottle. 
  • Wrap their wines in a paper bag, tie them at the top with ribbon or string. (you could use tape as well)
  • WAIT to number the bags!! This leaves you just as clueless on who brought what. 
  • Once most everyone has arrived, start numbering the bags randomly. 
  • Yes you may have 14 bottles but I promise, little will be left. 
  • Each guest will have a wine scoring card and a pen, and can try the wine in whatever order they please. Now for a larger party this may not be the best way to handle this, seeing how some guests may pour or larger than average pour. So, in this case as the host, start with the 1st bottle and walk around pouring a little in each guests glass. 

Now for the wine scoring card, I found lots of 'almost there' cards online but really nothing. As inspiration, I accumulated different ideas. I also chose to print these on the following paper, to go a long with the rest of the tags and banners I created. As you can see from the images below, guests can circle the score number or fill in the wine glass. They can also take a guess on naming the wine.

So, what's the point of scoring the wines? 
To see who wins! and of course the winner has to receive a prize! You decide!

For this occasion we prepared a gift basket for the winner. It included a bottle of Francis Coppola, Claret wine, a bag of Ghirardelli's chocolates, two wine glasses, and of course the wire basket it all came in. I wish I had a photo. But like most of this night, for the first time in all my party planning history, I took no photos. 

Now, in the scenario that you, the host, ends up winning, it's really up to you whether or not you keep the prize. My roommate ended up getting the highest score, oddly enough, I ended up getting the second highest score. Where's the fun in winning your own prize though? We ended up giving the gift to the third highest score.

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  1. Wow!! Such a lovely wine tasting party. The food is looking so delicious. I have been invited to my sister’s wine tasting party that is taking place at one of LA venues. She has great job in arranging it. Hope it will have great fun there.