Thursday, December 11, 2014

A New Year, New beginnings! 28!

At the fresh start of my own personal new year, 28 years of life with great people and memories, I have to say its been a crazy last year, and I am back and ready to go, L&T. I also want to reflect on all the other fresh starts I encountered this year of 27 and why I have been MIA for the last six months. I moved to Santa Monica, started a somewhat new career/career direction, and followed my heart. 

After a long year of losing much of that spark I had gained from college and Spain, I found myself for lack of better terms hitting a rough patch. I had all the things I have now, great people, great family and friends, and a great opportunity for a job. Yet something was missing. Now, many may think waiting till your late 20s to "start over" is a crazy idea, especially with the immense amount of wedding photos, baby pictures streaming through every moment of Facebook news feeds. Steve jobs was right when he said that sometimes you have to follow your heart even if it leads you off the well worn path because it will make all the difference. And for me so far it has made all the difference.

I walked away from a great career that I wanted so badly to love but spent more time stressing, worrying, and complaining about my stressful job. I also walked away from a great place/home, that at one point I wanted so badly to lay down some roots.

In all honesty (even though this is the lesson I have learned time and time again, and know more than ever to be true) you can fight to the depths for something for all the wrong reasons, but in the end your heart is always going to win, because it truly knows where it belongs!! No matter how badly you want something to work out, may it be career or love or anything, if your heart knows it's wrong or maybe just not the right time, it will figure out a way of reaching you. 

I only hope that everyone learns to understand and appreciate this super human power eventually in their life time, as I have. Listen to your heart and magical things will happen, maybe not in the moments of walking away, letting go, or waiting, but eventually!

With Love and Turquoise, 


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