Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dylan's Red, White, and Blue

After almost a two month hiatus… I return with all the future blogs I started taking photos for several months ago. Meaning there was, lots of planning but no doing. On the other hand, this short break ironically was due to the complete opposite, finally taking a break from planning and just doing. In less than three months, I left a great opportunity/career to follow my heart. And my heart led me to another great opportunity, which also led me 516 miles away. So, welcome back to me! And welcome back to L&T :)

In attempts to teach creativity to my 9 year old niece, I often take her to a craft store and have her brainstorm, whether it be making curtains or planning her b-day party invitations, she usually comes up with great ideas of her own (regardless if she picks the bright blue travel around the world kind of curtains). 

 Dylan's red, white, blue day! After roaming the scrapbook aisle at Michaels for invitation ideas, my niece finally decided on a set of sailor themed red and blue stickers and thus her b-day party theme was born. 

And of course, like any good crafter, I put her to work!! 

Handmade by D-bug!!

Her red, white, and blue goody bags! 
- Raspberry Wild Berry and Lemonade Twizzlers 
- Red and blue notepads
- Red and blue star pencils
-Red, white, and blue sparkly bracelets 

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