Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Motivation

1. You have two options:
- To accept current conditions as they exist, 
-Accept the responsibility to change them. 
Today is a day to accept the responsibility to change!

2. No more excuses, time to get my butt in gear, literally and figuratively!

3. After getting sick for the second time this year, and a weekend of some much needed rest... I realize it's time to make more time for a good nights rest... good for the soul and the brain!

 4. Find what you love to do!!! Search ON!

5. Express gratitude- making it a daily goal. The simple things, and the big things.
- I am grateful for my wonderful parents, for letting me figure it all out, so I can go live my dreams!
- I am grateful for my immune system, for working hard to kick this cold in the butt!
- I am grateful for some good rest, well-needed. 
- I am grateful for the laughs my niece Dylan provided me with this weekend, "Now that's a come back."
- I am grateful for a Happy March 2014. 
- I am grateful for Today!

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