Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Light Bulb Board

You never know when Inspiration may strike!! 

I love Burlap!! Multipurpose fabric..cloth...whatever you want to call it...  
The Many Uses of Burlap-
Table Runners, Table Cloths, decorative pillows, little goody bags...pretty much anything and everything decorative...  or as created below- a "cork" board. 

You will need Burlap, a staple gun (staples of course) and a canvas or painting. 
I purchase my burlap at Michael's for $9.99 and used a blank canvas I already had. You can purchase all different size for affordable prices at Michaels. 
Make sure that the canvas is blank, unless you want a painting to show to add that affect. 

Use the Same Technique as stretching a canvas. If you have never stretched a canvas...
It's very very simple. 

Use the image below as an Example:
For this project I am covering an already stretched canvas, but I will use the same technique for covering the canvas with burlap. Lay the burlap on the floor and then lay the Canvas upside down, or with the front facing the floor on top of the burlap. 
1. Start with a staple in the middle of each side of the canvas. 
2. Then add one staple on both sides of #1, and do this for every side of the canvas. 
3- the following.  Repeat step two for each side until you reach the corners. 
So, there's a lot of turning and stapling! 
This helps to ensure that no ripples or unevenness will occur. 

When you get to the corners fold them against the edges so it doesn't create bulges on the outside of the frame. 

You can add a stencil, or leave it blank! 

I sketched out this stencil and used an xacto to cut it out and then used a paint brush with white acrylic to paint onto the Burlap board. Burlap doesn't grab the paint very well, so spray paint with a stencil may be an easier solution. 

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