Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's the Catalina Wine Mixer!!

For my grandma's 90th Birthday, my entire family ventured out to Catalina Island. I have never been to Catalina before, so I was excited to see and experience this new place. 
Sometimes, a vacation is a good time to reflect and appreciate everything a little more. 
 A change in scenery is the perfect reminder to slow down once in a while and appreciate all your blessings. 
To always have a wondering heart, always seek new experiences, and adventures.


When in Catalina...Big hat

Feliz Cumple mi abuela.

Gift for Grandma to remember the trip/90th birthday extravaganza

Dirty Dirty... Gin

The Deer by the road on our way to our condo. Actually saw people feeding them and petting them!!! Don't know how bright that is.

Blue Water Grill, Last Dinner Saturday night. Right on the Water. Oysters were AAAAMAZING! http://www.bluewatergrill.com/locations/catalina_island.php

New Ring! :)

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