Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just the Turquoise I Needed

Been meaning to make these two pillows for a long long time! 
I was on the hunt for a yellow pillow but could never find one that was cute enough that didn't cost an arm and a leg... and World Market had these adorable british flag pillows, of course, once again an arm and a leg for a THROW PILLOW!  

Plus I needed more turquoise. The beauty of making your own pillow... when you can't find one out there... make it!

And so my Adventure begins..... Lots of fabric. 
I used a turquoise sheet that I never used, some white fabric I had from another project, and purchased some yellow fabric from Wal-Mart

Iron the fabric
For the flag, Iron the front piece and fold it hot dog style...iron
and then fold it hamburger style... iron
That way you have a perfect cross and where you need to place your stripes
See photos below

 The sewing, part, never thrilling... 
-You need 4 thinner white stripes- a little under 1.5 inches
-2 thicker white stripes- about 2 inches wide
-4 small turquoise stripes-a little over .5 inches
-2 thicker turquoise stripes- about 1 and a quarter inches wide
-My pillow is about 11.5x14
-So you will need 2 pieces of fabric about 12.5x15 
-Lots of fluff to fluff that sucker up 
-white thread
-and a sewing machine (unless you want to hand sew for the next century)

Well on my way...

Since I am  not an amazing sewer yet, I felt a little imperfection was exactly what I needed!

To make the pillow covering, sew the front side of both sides together, where they are touching.

A good trick with pillows when the inside is sewn together- Cut the tips so when you turn it right side out you have perfect pointed edges... See below

then when you are done turn it right side out, Viola!

Just Keep Stuffing!!!

On to the yellow 

Cut a few stripes, however many you want. This fabric has a gauze quality to it. You can cute these stripes like crap as seen below. Including, the proof that if you cut them with no precision, they still look great when you crinkle them. 

Below putting this fabric under the sewing machine fold the end of one of the stripes, so the sewing machine doesn't tangle 

At a medium speed, just start feeding the fabric through

I made four stripes and then sewed them on top of a square about 16x16 of yellow fabric

I have cheated because I didn't completely finish the yellow pillow yet... My sewing machine is too loud and shakes my whole dining room table late at night. Don't want the neighbors to think there's an earthquake.

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