Friday, January 25, 2013

"Not all who wonder are lost"

I could find a world map and frame it... or I could paint it! 
The greatest love affair in life is Travel!

Purchase wood at Home Depot! $5.00 a panel! $15.00 total, white craft paint .97 cents, A box of tacks, $1.00

Luckily I am good at free handing but I still drew the Image and then painted over it. Just to make it perfect! Then add tacks, everywhere you go! 

Europe, place I can check off the list (but clearly need to go again)
Bilbao, San Sebastian, Most of Pais Vasco- Basque Country, Barcelona, Valencia, Burgos, Santander, Madrid, Lisboa-Portugal, Nantes-France, Paris, Frankfort-Germany, Rome, Florence, Pisa- Italy, Dublin-Ireland, London-England.

Clearly I need to travel the states a little more... and obviously the east coast!

A whole to see!!! 

For a custom Map board made by L&T aka me... shoot me an e-mail to 

Smaller version 

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