Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Here we go 2013!!

New Year Resolutions, a time to reflect on the past and a chance at renewing the future. Most of us start the new year with a few of them, maybe a lot of the same Resolutions. Work out more, eat healthier, spend less, read more....

Life Lessons from the "New Year Resolutions"

1. Second Chances..... Every year we celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another. Every ending has a new beginning. If you get a second chance every year thanks to the universe, be willing to give second chances and to start fresh, to move forward, to change the page or chapter. We all find the need to take out that pen and paper and rewrite and start on a clean canvas, a clean page.

2. Admitting = first step...  There's something poetically, honest about this yearly ritual; to admit to your faults or the things we would like to improve on, to admit that we're humans, and that we are going to do things that we don't feel complete, satisfied with, happy, content with...

3. The act of solving... the act of re-solving....  Life is like one of those really yucky long math problems. Sometimes you figure certain things out in a second and other things slow you down. Sometimes you spend most the time erasing one mistake, one negative, one positive, and keep going back retracing your steps. Maybe the mistake was your last one, or maybe the mistake was at the very beginning. Maybe you only calculate once, calculate twice, re-calculate it all, or keep re-calculating because of the fear you miscalculated somewhere along the way, your fingers pressed the wrong button, because you either don't trust yourself or you want so badly for the answer to make more sense. Or if your lucky, maybe you don't recalculate because you know, you trust, the first calculation was right. Maybe you spend all that time on one problem and you can't solve it, so eventually, your over it, and you give up and move on. Or maybe you can't let go of not figuring out the right answer;  you waste time and energy either having to give up and speeding through the rest of the questions or you just end up missing out on the rest completely. OR.... you make the little mistakes on the way, feel frustrated, defeated, determined, recalculate, retrace, erase, start from the beginning, re-work,  realize the mistakes, your way of thinking has adapted, evolved, and then just maybe...just maybe...there's your Answer... In the end, regardless if you got the right or wrong answer, every question, every problem, every path, every choice,  has within it a lesson and a solution.

4. Determination... the act of determining what your goals are, what your priorities are, what you want your life to be, and making it happen. 

5. Working out the Complications... a point in literary works where the complication is figured out... If something is holding you down or back. Getting rid of all the clutter (literally and figuratively) that wears you down; holds you back.

6. Realizing your Life's Purpose...  as I said before every trial and error brings more surprises and revolutions, if you weren't where you were before, you wouldn't be where you are now. Finding passions and purposes come with each new opportunity that come your way. TAKE IT.

7. Where there is a will there is a way... "The only thing keeping me from getting what I want is the story I keep telling myself about why it can't happen" (Tony Robbins) If you want something bad enough and you work your ass off to get it, trust me, you will get it. Why can I say trust me? In 2010, I began a journey and a goal to obtain an internship at the Guggenheim museum in Spain. Yes, I live for this life experience because it altered my life in more words than I can express. Mostly it altered my faith in myself and the "where there is a will there is a way". For a year I worked with a study abroad program director in America and in Spain, and after a lot of hard work from every party involved I found myself in Bilbao, Spain in the office of a very intimidating woman, interviewing me for the chance of a life time. That day... mind you, my 4th day being in Spain... I was to interview in Spanish, I have never felt very confident with Spanish, so you can imagine I was horrified. My director walked me into the interview, at this point all they spoke was Spanish, and I sat there with my huge eyes (always giving me away) saying, "I am scared out of my mind!" My director finally left me in this room sitting across from someone who was at that moment and from that moment on was the most intimidating woman I have ever met. She first attempted doing the interview in Spanish and quickly interrupted me to say, "Let's just do the interview in English," you might imagine that she said this with some kind of sympathy but she didn't, she was completely cold. Unfortunately, I wear my heart on my sleeve and from being so nervous and the abrupt, rude, interruption, I started to get chocked up and teary eyed, but I kept trying and I didn't give up. I want to share this moment because even though at the time it was awful; I overcame it, I didn't cry, I spoke about my experience, and I made it through that interview with an internship at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. There were forty other interns in the program, all from Spain; I was the first American to make it in the program.

8. Practicing good Habits...  Funny how we have a tendency to have habits that we want to change but all the good habits, all the good disciplines seem to be the hardest things to achieve or keep up with. Why is that? Why is it so hard to eat the apple instead of the chocolate bar If you want something you haven't had you have to do something you've never done... "Formula for Success: a few simple, disciplines, practiced everyday. You could and you should, and you don't... that equals disaster."- Jim Rohn

9. Step outside of the comfort zone... It's easy to give in to the way things are because our comfort zones are so.....comfortable. When you step out of what you are comfortable with, it can transform you!

10. Appreciate the Now... It's funny how every year we all get super motivated by the new year;  every day is a  motivation, a chance to change, and a moment for rebirth. Every morning you wake up you are given a second chance.

Let's go 2013!!

Here's to setting your goals... taking action and not just setting them but achieving them... check out the link below. Time to reach those Goals.... Make it happen! Stop Talking and start doing!

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