Friday, December 16, 2011

The.. Never Lost.. Bookmark and the Everything Book

This is a good solution to the disappearing bookmark,  skimming pages to recall where you left off, or having to fold the page...
Probably, not necessary for every book but maybe for the most important ones:
  • Journals
  • Books you want to read over and over again... Such as your set of Harry Potter Books, or Twilight
  • I even have my mom's bible from when she was little... one day I will read it... one day!

I like this bookmark mostly for what I refer to as 
 My "Everything" book...
(not that it's my everything or that I would die without this book, but that I literally write everything in it.) Maybe this will inspire you to start one
My "Everything" Book consists of:
-To Do Lists
-Special events and dates
Like I said everything and anything
(I don't refer to it as my journal because I don't sit and write daily entry's about my day and what happened and such and such... it's more chaotic and random...less personal in that you don't write your feelings but still personal in that maybe a certain quote or a sketch brings you back to a memory or a period of time)

This is My "Everything" Book #2 and the First page... Quotes of course. I started this Everything Book the week before I left for Spain. So you can imagine it's field with a lot of different.... Everythings!

You may recall this sketch... one I will love forever, Spain my second home! I still have 3 places to go...

Spanish SUBJUNCTIVE... Notes I don't ever want to lose

Words and phrases that I used all the time or that I don't want to forget
Here's the Bookmark Tutorial:
What you will need:
  • A book
  • Glue gun 
  • a thick ribbon, At least 4/8" but no more than 1.5" (mine is 5/8" thick).
  • Scissors

The method to my madness:
  • If you use to thin of ribbon, it starts to unravel/fall a part, I think that too thick of a piece might also have a similar problem.
  • The Length completely depends on your book. For my "everything book" I cut about a 20" long piece, if it's too long you can cut it shorter once you glue it down and close your book. I would glue the ribbon and make sure that it will be a good length for whatever part of the book you are at (beginning, middle, or end) and then cut it.
Step one: Glue the ribbon at least two-thirds the way down on the inside of the back cover.

Step two: Figure out a good length, that works for the front, the middle, and the end.

Step three: Cut it... (I did mine at a side angle; it's up to you!)


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