Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Indian Headband for my Halloween Costume

I decided to be an Indian for Halloween, a last second decision, due to the fact that I had most of the materials already.
I bought my feathers at Michaels. They have them in every color you can imagine and they're cheap, I believe it was 3.99 for a pack.

Before I decided to use my Zara headband, I tried to find some beads or turquoise beads, but I didn't have enough. So, I improvised with my Zara Head band that I layered on top of the feather head band. It worked out pretty good. You could use a head band you already have or buy some beads at Michaels and glue them onto the feather head band on top of the feathers at the bottom.

And here's the final result. Get your Pocahontas on!

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