Monday, November 28, 2011

Hair time!

So, I have been obsessed with the hair style... ombré. Something I felt like experimenting with... so I tried it out...
Here's my how to:
I used a highlighting kit... honey highlighting... 6.79 at Wal-Mart.

I took the tips of my hair and added dye, adding more to the very tip and bringing it up. Also adding to the tips of the shorter layers in the front of my hair. My bottom layer is a little lighter than my top layer so I did the top layer first, then the bottom. I wrapped the top layer with aluminum foil and put the blow dryer on it... my way of thinking the heat would help the process. Lol. I kept it in for 40 minutes... then washed and dried it and realized I wanted it to be a smidgen lighter and add some higher pieces in the front. I did the whole process again, but added some higher layers and kept it in for 15ish-20. It's subtle but exactly what I was looking for! And only 6.79!!!! wo wo.
Woolah!!! Happy ombré!

 Another hairspiration for you...

My friend Darcy was inspired from a photo she found on pinterest, but with an added twist!

I french breaded the left side, just about three or four times and then started breading that piece all the way to the end and pined it across her head, keeping the pretty curl to the one side! It looked so great!

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