Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cupcakes Cupcakes Oh How I love thee

Recently, I hosted my best friend's baby shower. It was stressful but well worth all the stress.
Traditionally, when you host a party you pay for everything, which clearly can get expensive, especially when
you're throwing a co-ed baby shower with 85 invites, and you're a returning student from
having a year of Spain and traveling. But you have to make it work. So, here is an example.
I wanted to make a dessert table of course......
so I had to have a cup cake stand, you can go to Michaels and spend 12.99 or whatever it is on
one of those white wire cup cake stands, which are adorable but only hold maybe 12 cupcakes.
So, I got creative...creative and cost efficient/cupcake quantity efficient.
I purchased everything at the dollar store for a total of $8.57! I already had white spray paint but Wal-mart
has a huge selection, all for a cheap price.


I used, three different types of silver trays, the bottom was a pizza pan, the middle a serving dish, and the top a cake pan
I purchased Candle holders, and spray painted them white

and then used a glue gun to hold it all together

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