Monday, April 4, 2011

A sweet little treat

Sweet sugar and Salty popcorn is the perfect combo for complete happiness in your mouth, which I have created here in this easy to do recipe!

The delicious after product, sweet and salty

Use a butter pop corn,  salty popcorn, or a plain popcorn if you prefer

No burnt Popcorn, por favor/please!

Add peanuts if you would like, give it an extra surprise. You can see how salty they are here in Spain, still delicious!

Brown sugar, moreno= brown and azucar= sugar

Add two and a half or three spoon fulls of butter to a warm skillet

then add about a cup of brown sugar, stir until it becomes a glaze or sauce substance

Spoon a little of the substance into a bag with the popcorn, a little at a time and then shake, if you add too much the plastic bag could melt. Spoon a little then shake, a little more then shake.

And now you have sweet yummy popcorn, I would say close to kettle corn, if you want it to be completely covered keep adding the brown sugar sauce.

Happiness photo from, 30 quotes on Happiness included!

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