Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Favorite Room

My last year of college there were a lot of great memories in this house, and a lot of bad memories. I poured a lot of energy into this room probably because of my lack of motivation for the rest of the house, but also because it was my little sanctuary, my place to escape. I think this was the biggest reason why it was hard to say goodbye to it and why I luckily took some photos of it.
Funny how a house or a room can bring back lots of  memories: grey's anatomy night, graduation, taking shots of Patron with my family and friends, hosting parties, creating some of my best art work sitting on the floor in this room drinking wine and listening to Joni Mitchell, falling in love, and having to let go of a lot of stuff.

This is a good way as an artist, to display a lot of the art you have done over the years in art classes or to display other art you have collected over the years.

These stripes took me an entire day, they might not look time consuming but they were. A lot of the painters tape you can buy still leaves uneven lines, so I went back over it with a small paint brush.

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